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Kana Nishino – GO FOR IT!! July 23, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. GO FOR IT!!

1. GO FOR IT!!

Cheerleading chants to open up the song?  That’s a bit strange.  Though I can’t help but enjoy Kanayan’s belting in the opening as well which surprised me in a good way.  Now, this song is a bit cheery and peppy cute (like a lot of her B-sides and early singles).  It’s a lot better than “Watashitachi” at least and while I don’t enjoy the song fully, I can admit that it works for her and will get a lot of fans out of this one.


The cutesy stuff follows her into the first B-sides which usually are the more cute songs and stuff.  Now the high notes she pulls off here are a bit strained when I hear them.  The song isn’t as peppy as “GO FOR IT!!” but it’s still pretty happy for the most part.  Once again, I’m not too thrilled about the song…


At least the second B-sides are more of my style and it’s a heavy dance track from Kanayan.  It’s a really cool and aggressive song from her and I really ended up enjoying this song A LOT but the way she counts into the chorus is strange hahaha.  Actually of her B-sides, this is probably my favorite in recent times…straightforward and just super catchy!!!



I’m guessing her 4th album is next up and GO FOR IT!! was a nice way to close things up after a rather unfortunate set of releases.  GO FOR IT!! might need some time but I can see how bright and catchy it can be which to me makes it better “Watashitachi” and “SAKURA, I love you”.  TALK TO ME is kind of a mess but still bright and poppy to fit this summer theme.  SUMMER TIME though is the banger and stand-out on the single and she should just stick this on the album XD.  Overall a much better package of recent from her ^_^….though that cover art is just horrifying…


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