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D – Danzai no Gunner July 25, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Danzai no Gunner
  2. Luminous flame
  3. Koori no Bohyou (Type-B only)
  4. Solitude ~Saigo no Tegami~ (Type-C only)
  5. Danzai no Gunner (Voiceless)

1. Danzai no Gunner

For Danzai no Gunner, D has once again put out a really strong song with furious guitar strikes and a really awesome chorus as well!  It’s a little more spastic of a song but the song doesn’t really mess up anywhere and I liked ASAGI’s performance in the song a well.  Add in RUIZA’s guitar solos and you get a really cool song that stood out better than “Dying message”!  Good A-side.

2. Luminous flame

The B-side found on all editions, Luminous flame at first came off like a ballad, but in a moment of quick change, it becomes an edgier song with a lot more riffs and overall a heavier sound which is pretty cool.  At first, I did enjoy it but after a while the drumming just became to much for me and the pounding started to overtake the song (metal-heads will LOVE this).  I’m just not into these kind of songs. 

3. Koori no Bohyou

Onto the edition-only tracks, the first is Koori no Bohyou and it has the same power behind it like “Luminous flame” but the drums aren’t as annoying plus ASAGI sounds a bit more powerful in this track which is good.  I love when the arrangement opens up into a lighter section…it was pretty awesome!  Definitely my favorite song off the single lol.

4. Solitude ~Saigo no Tegami~

Well, I’m happy that one of the songs is a bit more tamer and slower than the rest of the songs.  Solitude does remind me of their older tracks that I’ve reviewed.  It’s nothing fantastic, but it’s a nice track to deviate from the other three hard tracks on the single so it’s a recognizable trait for the single.



I’d have to say that Danzai no Gunner was actually a much stronger single than “Dying message” oddly enough.  I found the lead track to be a stronger and more powerful song overall and brought out the band’s colors a lot more!  Koori no Bohyou though was the best this single had to offer with just as much power and style like the lead A-side.  Solitude was after those two but it’s a bit familiar to their other mid-tempo songs, but it’s respectable and stands out on the single for that reason.  However, Luminous flame was OK if it wasn’t for the drummers annoying need to machine-gun through the percussion…that’s not cool…


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