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U-KISS – Dear My Friend July 25, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Dear My Friend
  2. Beautiful
  3. Believe -Live ver.- 1st JAPAN LIVE TOUR 2012 3,25@Zepp Tokyo (CD only First Press)
  4. Dear My Friend (Instrumental)
  5. Beautiful (Instrumental)

1. Dear My Friend

We all know it’s the summer season and all that and U-KISS I guess wanted to put our a song to fit the season.  It’s a bit slower than their last A-side in “Forbidden Love” which might not impress fans of theirs and it kind of sound like a couple of their songs from “A Shared Dream” which also could push people away but I think it’s a nice summer song.  It’s a good song for the guys to show off their pretty strong haromonizations and the rapping was on point as well.  It’s to say it is their worst A-side yet but being compared to both “Tick Tack” and “Forbidden Love” it doesn’t reach it.

2. Beautiful

Wait, didn’t 2PM just release a song called “Beautiful”?  No, it’s not a cover track either.  I actually prefer this song to the A-side because it’s a little more like what I’m used to by the group.  It’s got a cool dance beat going and the raps are a bit more effective this time around.  Also the guys are hitting high notes like crazy and just sounding sweet ^_^.

3. Believe -Live ver.- 1st JAPAN LIVE TOUR 2012 3,25@Zepp Tokyo

So on the single we get an added little bonus with a live version of Believe (the one from “A Shared Dream”, not the recent Korean one).  For being a ballad it really gives a sense of closeness here and I really like the attention to detail with the guys’ vocals.  Doesn’t quell the weird stuff with the song like Eli and AJ but still it’s a really strong ballad sung live. 



So U-KISS starts up their sophomore era with perhaps their worst single, but it’s not a terrible single either it’s just that Dear My Friend isn’t as strong as their previous two singles.  Beautiful is a bit more to my liking and aggressive and stood out more than the A-side lol.  The live version of Believe is vocally good but still not a strong ballad on its own.  With another single, “One of You”, and rereleasing “DORADORA” and the “The Special to KISSME” as one whole package in Japan…it seems like the group is getting super busy!


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