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U-KISS – The Special to KISSME July 25, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Believe
  2. Te Amo
  3. Inyeoninga Bwa
  4. Let’s Get
  5. Believe (Inst.)
  6. Te Amo (Inst.)

1. Believe

I’m surprised with Believe because this is a really cool song and just a lot stronger of a lead song than “DORADORA” was.  I have to say that I love everyone in the song from Kevin and Soohyun’s lines to AJ’s rapping and everything else in between.  It’s not a hard song but it’s got crazy hooks and I like the message of the song.  It’s just an overall strong track from the group.

2. Te Amo

The other song that was promoted, Te Amo shows a little more spice with saxes and before the song gets into a heavier synth style which is pretty awesome.  Though how they say ~te amo~ is kind of lulzy but this song continues to show a lot of stuff that the group lacked in their last mini.  Impressive tune.

3 Inyeoninga Bwa

My least favorite song on the mini, Inyeoninga Bwa isn’t bad persay but it lacks the movitation to move which is surprising.  I like that I hear a lot of Kevin in the song and some other guys.  I just felt bored with this song and kind of lacked what the other three tracks had.

 4. Let’s Get

The hardest track, Let’s Get is quite hard and very K-pop heavy which is always awesome but then again here comes the auto-tune.  It’s still pretty awesome and great to hear everyone get lines for this song and they all have pretty momentous moments.  This is the U-KISS I know and love!



I’m surprised that this was released as a tribute to their fanclub…but honestly, KISSME is 10x more stronger of a mini-album than “DORADORA” since all but one song were pretty amazing tracks which is something I would have never expected from U-KISS!  This is pretty much *RECOMMENDED*


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