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Junko Akimoto – 24-ji no Kodoku July 28, 2012

Filed under: Junko Akimoto — solarblade @ 7:36 pm

Track Listing

  1. 24-ji no Kodoku
  2. Omoide Serenade
  3. 24-ji no Kodoku (Original Karaoke)
  4. 24-ji no Kodoku (Ippanyou Karaoke Ham’on Age)
  5. Omoide Serenade (Original Karaoke)

1. 24-ji no Kodoku

 I was happy to hear that Junko’s next A-side kind of surprised me since it reminded me of her big single a couple years back.  It’s calming and has a pretty arrangement that contains a lot of strings, castanets, and accordion as well.  I actually enjoyed how this tune flowed and Junko’s vocals are complimeting it all so it works altogether.

2. Omoide Serenade

As for the B-side, Omoide Serenade has more of a calming effect going on which is pretty nice as the opposite to “24-ji no Kodoku”.  I think the song was more to show off Junko’s vocals a little bit more than the music being the standout song.  It’snice but I like the A-side’s sound a lot more.



As Junko starting her 5th round of singles before the 5th album, 24-ji no Kodoku is nice and is better than some of the other singles she’s released.  The A-side is probably the best A-side I’ve heard from her since “Ai no Mama de…”.  The B-side though is kind of forgetful even though it sounds nice, it just kind of acts as background music TBH lol.


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