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Nana Mizuki – BRIGHT STREAM July 28, 2012

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Track Listing

  3. Sacred Force


Maybe it’s just me but I’m kind of finding myself picking apart Nana’s A-sides unless they’re extremely unique.  BRIGHT STREAM ranks up there with her strings/anime songs which isn’t good because there’s a LOT of those.  The good thing is that I like the guitar riffs in it and Nana sounds really good in this song which isn’t surprising.  I don’t know but it doesn’t seem to really stand out like “Synchrogazer” and “Junketsu Paradox” did.


Which bothers me when we get into FEARLESS HERO which also suffers a little bit from the staleness factor.  I do like the beats of the song but it’s kind of just like “BRIGHT STREAM” and “Mugen” fused together which just doesn’t impress me one bit.  I like how soaring Nana’s vocals are here though (makes me think she took more risks in this song).

3. Sacred Force

Then we get into Sacred Force and I’m already enjoying the song because unlike the previous two, this has more of a synth-driven arrangement and I REALLY liked the addition of the guitars as well.  It kind of reminds me of a toned down and controlled “Synchrogazer” so that’s always a good sign for me.  Yeah, it’s actually the best off the single!



Since there’s an album coming next for Nana, I think BRIGHT STREAM is actually quite weak of a single to be honest.  BRIGHT STREAM and FEARLESS HERO kind of weren’t new or even unique in the way that some of the other singles have been and normally I wouldn’t be having a problem but I just couldn’t remember how these two go…it really does sound like a lot of “IMPACT EXCITER’s” singles have been.  Sacred Force even though it does remind me of a toned down “Synchrogazer” is actually the best of the single…a lot of great moments to be found in this song ^_^


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