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ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D – Complication July 30, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Complication
  2. Fortune
  4. Complication -TV Size Opening Ver.-
  5. Complication -TV Size Long Ver.-
  6. Complication (instrumental)
  7. Fortune (instrumental)

1. Complication

Getting into the trio’s debut single, I was wondering why Complication is considered their most well-known track but I honestly can’t see why it’s good.  I mean it has a mix of anison and the band’s sound all rolled into one package.  I don’t think it’s as good as their later singles are which is a bit surprising but I think it’s a suitable debut A-side and I kind of like SHiNNOSUKE’s vocals but not so much of the rapping…that kind of threw me off.  Still not bad…

2. Fortune

At least the band kicks it up a notch for the first B-side, Fortune.  It’s still quite anime-esque and reminds of a NARUTO theme for some reason >.>.  I like the energy and the band has a little more fire going on in this song which is pretty cool.  I’m a little surprised that there’s a lot more of this rapping going on which kind of makes it sound like a FLOW song (something I’ve said before about the group).  I liked the song a lot more than “Complicaton”.


The last track on the single, I thought they made a funny with that piano intro.  It seems the song is suited more for their hip-hop side but the song switches genres by getting a bit more rockin and it goes back and forth lol.  There’s still a lot of rapping to be found which is no surprise but it’s kind of a fun tune.



ROOKiEZ and their debut is different from what I know of the band today.  Complication is a pretty good single but I do think their later singles are much better!  I like SHiNNOSUKE’s vocals when he isn’t rapping but the times he rapped were actually solid. 


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