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ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D – eggmate of the year July 30, 2012

Filed under: ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D — solarblade @ 9:01 am

Track Listing

  1. eggmate of the year
  2. stop the time
  3. eggmate of the year (instrumental)

1. eggmate of the year

I like that the band decided to have a little more fun for the second A-side in eggmate of the year.  It carries the summer feel quite nicely and has the same amount of rock added in!  Of course the energy brought from SHiNNOSUKE’s rapping and singing is quite strong and makes you wanna hit the beach and rock out.  Definitely an improvement over “Complication”.



*Will review the B-side if the single ever leaks!*  I’m actually surprised that their debut album, “From Dusk Till Dawn” will not feature the A-side in its tracklist.  It makes me wonder why eggmate of the year is omitted from the album because it’s actually quite good of a summer tune!  Then again it is the only single that hasn’t leaked yet either which is a bit meh…


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