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Kanako Ito – Sora no Shita no Sokanzu August 2, 2012

Filed under: Kanako Ito — solarblade @ 8:45 pm

Track Listing

  1. Sora no Shita no Sokanzu
  2. zero hour
  3. Sora no Shita no Sokanzu (off Vocal)
  4. zero hour (off Vocal)

1. Sora no Shita no Sokanzu

It’s nice to hear that Kanako’s new A-side is a ballad which is a change of pace after the last couple of singles.  I actually liked this song quite a bit because her voice was solid and the melody is really strong…a lot more than “Amaranthine”.  Also, I seemed to enjoy the space-like atmosphere in the background too…really good song here.

2. zero hour

For the fans that wanted a little more edge, we have zero hour which kind is at the same tempo but heavier with gutiars.  I’m kind of disappointed by it for some reason, it’s missing a lot of bass and the chorus really felt weak to me for some reason.  I hear sparkly sounds as well (kind of like the ones in the A-side).  It’s unusual and I kind of liked that but it could’ve been handled better.



Second single after “VECTOR” and Sora no Shita no Sokanzu really worked as a ballad for some reason…it’s a lot more demanding and really powerful.  zero hour tries for a harder sound and while it’s a good try, it feels like it lacks the backbone to keep it afloat…but it’s not a terrible song, just executed pooly.


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