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Up Up Girls – Uppercut!/Yuudachi! Through the Rainbow August 3, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Uppercut!
  2. Yuudachi! Through the Rainbow
  3. Uppercut! (instrumental)
  4. Yuudachi! Through the Rainbow (instrumental)

1. Uppercut!

Uppercut! is an interesting song to be honest since it kind of deserts their pop/rock sound for a bit more of a typical idol-pop tune this time around and it’s sort of cute.  Sadly, the song doesn’t have anything in the notion of solo lines for any of the seven girls which might make this a little disappointing (especially after “Barebare I LOVE YOU”).  It still has a lot of energy and joyous moments, but this is probably my least favorite of the A-sides.

2. Yuudachi! Through the Rainbow

It’s pretty cool that the group made the second track also an A-side and this is pretty much what I was wanting from the group.  It does remind me of “Rainbow” with the prominance of synths in the arrangement but keeping the upbeat tempo going.  There’s not a lot of solos in the song but Azusa and Minami get a quick line and Akari gets a long bit in the second verse.  It’s a pretty good track overall.



They just keep shoving releases out there (surprisingly fast for an indies group).  Their third single isn’t as good as the previous two singles but I do like their consistency with releasing fun and upbeat songs.  I was surprised to see that Uppercut! would be their first unison song (as in all the members sing the entire time) and it was alright…but maybe a little too early for that?  At least we got Yuudachi! Through the Rainbow with some solos and a likeness to “Rainbow” but this was an alright single, nothing overly amazing.


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