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ALI PROJECT – Gansakushi August 9, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Gansakushi
  2. ALICE Douzai Innocent
  3. Renka Yuuren
  4. Shingi Nisemono Yuurankai
  5. La vérité
  6. Yasei Souseiji
  7. Ikeru Oujo no Shouzou ga
  8. Manatsu no Yuushuu Fujin
  9. Tenkin to Choukoku

1. Gansakushi

Starting off their album with the title track, Gansakushi is an interesting mix of styles like synth pop/R&B/and ALIPRO’s gothic-strings style.  It was an interesting opening.  For an opening song, this is kind of weak because it doesn’t have a bang to it which their previous ones has had.  Arika’s vocals are alright, but they aren’t at that dramatic operatic tone…It’s alright but nothing amazing for me.

2. ALICE Douzai Innocent

Now this is kind of what I was expecting ALIPRO to open the album with instead because this is exactly what they’ve been sounding like on their Tokuma albums.  I really love the strings in the song because it’s quite dark and the acoustic guitar moments are also a nice change.  Arika doesn’t sound as odd either so this was a win/win song.  This should’ve begun the album.

3. Renka Yuuran

As the first ballad on the album, Renka Yuuran is a pretty lowkey of a song up until the chorus because the verses were at a snail’s pace and Arika was kind of vacant but pretty during those parts.  I especially loved the erhu/shimasen?  solos in the song…just so pretty!  After a while the song kind of just zones me out since the direction is kind of all over the place (but still slow).

4. Shingi Nisemono Yuurankai

If you needed something that was a little more feisty in your life after “Renka Yuuran”, then our next tune will be pretty much the thing you need.  It has a lot more guitars and a bit stronger of an arrangement, but this was a nice surprise.  I think I enjoyed the flutes and Takara’s guitarwork together the most…it’s a unique kind of song.  Like a Disney song that’s badass XD.  Mikiya’s arranging is really impressive (except for that descending CASIO line that happens once in a while in the tune).  I still really enjoy the song though so it doesn’t make a difference, just a little out of place.

5. La vérité

Our next track opens with a pretty and dramatic intro before going into this loungy/bossa nova track in La vérité.  It’s funny because of the entire album, I’d say this song is quite J-pop which might be throwing some people off, but I kind of like this experimentation because Arika’s vocals are a bit more straightforward.

6. Yasei Souseiji

I was hoping for another synth-based song from the duo and Yasei Souseiji fills that gap better than “Gansakushi”.  Actually, the song is darker than I thought it’d be and there’s some small nudges of dubstep moments but the song is really dark and just mysterious in a good way!  Arika though sounds realy good singing in a lower register though.  Mikiya struck gold with this song to be honest!

7. Ikeru Oujo no Shouzou ga

I’m not surprised that after the excitement of the last song, Ikeru Oujo no Shouzou ga goes back to the orchestral and dramatic style but it’s also the album’s longest track too so I guess it goes hand in hand.  I’m not really into the song since while it’s a slower song, it feels a bit messy and the arrangement kind of feels plain when compared to the rest of the album.  There are some parts that I like, like the synths and horns that sound like some rap song XD…I just couldn’t get into the song.

8. Manatsu no Yuutsuu Fujin

With a title like that, I was wondering if it was going to be a happy song.  It does sound a bit brighter than their other tracks which is nice and Manatsu no Yuutsuu Fujin has a Disney quality to it as well which is pleasant to listen to.  I’m not sure the beats were needed because they sound way out of place for a song like this.  I kind of enjoyed this song…and it’s Mediterranean flair.

9. Tenkin to Choukoku

Trying to create more of a heavier sound is Tenkin to Choukoku and I’m kind of on the fence with this one because I couldn’t tell what it was supposed to be in style but the strings were there and a lot of percussion and guitar as well.  I guess it was supposed to be a mix of styles?  I don’t know but I was bored with the song even though I kind of liked the rock elements.


The final track on the album, RED WALTZ I guess makes for a nice and dark closing track for the album because the atmosphere is just foreboding.  I’m not sure if this is considered a waltz, but if you can do one to this song than kudos.  I thought it was suitable but a little meh because the song was a little too blah for me. 

Tracks Recommended

  • Yasei Souseiji
  • Shingi Nisemono Yuurankai
  • ALICE Douzai Innocent

Song of Avoidance


I do think ALIPRO is getting a lot better with every Tokuma release, Gansakushi fixed vocals with Arika and there’s even more experiementation (though not as vibrant as “Han Shinnihon Shugi”).  The problem was that some of the songs were just a little boring…but seeing them add some American beats in the songs is intriguing…wonder what’ll be next?


2 Responses to “ALI PROJECT – Gansakushi”

  1. Ivan Says:

    Would you mind reviewing her brand new album, Reijou Bara Zukan, when it comes out? I’ll look forward to read your personal opinion, since I really liked this one! Thank you if you consider taking a look at it! 🙂

  2. Viny Says:

    Waiting a review of Reijou Bara Zukan and Watashi no Bara wo Kaminasai

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