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Chara – Planet August 9, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Planet
  2. Shimashima no Bambi (2012.4.21 Ki/oon 20 Years & Days at Tokyo LIQUIDROOM Ebisu)

1. Planet

I have to say that since Chara joined Ki/oon, her arrangements have been a lot more intriguing and interesting to listen to but Chara as a singer has a been questionable ordeal to deal with.  I liked her light and whispery vocals in some of the verses but everything else is just a little too much but it isn’t totally cringe-inducing because she’s got effects going on to make her sound distant.  Her louds parts are very catty and just yeesh to listen to, but I actually can say this is her best track I’ve listened to since “CAROL”.

2. Shimashima no Bambi (2012.4.21 Ki/oon 20 Years & Days at Tokyo LIQUIDROOM Ebisu)

Of course like her last single, we get a live version of one of Chara’s songs.  This time it’s Shimashima no Bambi (from the “Junior Sweet” album) and I actually found myself liking this live version because she has a really nice talking voice and plays a little with the crowd.  The song is kind of funky and jazzy which totally captured my senses.  It’s weird because I think she’s a pretty good singer with this older song. 



Wow the first time where I’m not gonna totally bash Chara lol.  I mean Planet is pretty good musically but some of Chara’s notes are a bit to handle, but the song overall was pretty interesting.  However, the live version of Shimashima no Bambi was actually quite impressive (makes me wonder why she can’t sing in this tone more often).  Shocker for me!


One Response to “Chara – Planet”

  1. bladeblur Says:

    It’s because it IS Ki/oon, the best label that Sony has. I mean aside Chatmonchy I like all of their aritsts

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