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ARTERY VEIN – Kagerou August 11, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Kagerou
  2. Getsugen
  3. Kagerou -off vocal-
  4. Getsugen -off vocal-

1. Kagerou

I was surprised coming into the duo’s fourth A-side because Kagerou is anything like the previous A-sides they’ve done.  As an ending theme do a video game, Kagerou does sound rather like a lot of ending theme ballads.  I’m not exactly sure who is leading the song (Eri?) but she sounds amazing in the song while Asami kind of fills the background and harmonizes.  Not a bad A-side but kind of forgetful at the same time.

2. Getsugen

It’s rather funny that I felt that the duo did a much better job with the B-side this time around!  Well, a little bit because it’s still a little meh in places but it has a bit more punch with the percussion and guitarwork of the song,  I’m also enjoying the fact that both gals are getting lines all over the place…I really like it. 



I wasn’t expecting both Eri and Asami to actually continue being ARTERY VEIN after their album but here we are with the first single, Kagerou.  I think the leading song, is alright but nothing really redeeming about it (though it is a bit lighter than their previous songs).  Getsugen is a lot better and a lot more like the previous works…that should’ve been the main song to be honest.


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