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Perfume – Spending all my time August 13, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Spending all my time
  2. Point
  3. Hurly Burly
  4. Spending all my time -Original Instrumental-
  5. Point -Original Instrumental-
  6. Hurly Burly -Original Instrumental-

1. Spending all my time

I’m surprised that Spending all my time would actually split the fandom straight in half but it’s clear as to why it’s garnered such a strong debacle.  The song itself is sort of a reach toward a worldwide release and as so the song is kind of an American dance track (as in, Top 40).  Add in the song is sung mostly in Engrish and you can see why people are taking or not taking to the song.  To me the song reminds me of “Take me Take me” in where repetition is the name of the game for the song.  I like the song actually and it sounds so much better in a better quality (and headphones).  I will admit though that I was skeptical that they chose this as the A-side because it doesn’t really sound Perfume-esque if you get my drift.  Still, this is a pretty fun song to listen to and everytime I get into the chorus, I just wanna get up and dance!!!

2. Point

So the infamous song comes up next!  If you aren’t a big fan then I’ll explain.  Point was a song that actually had a 15 second preview set all the way before “Spring of life’s” release which is quite a while ago.  Since then, there was nothing else of a preview until the single came out so it’s really surprising they kept such a  song under wraps for as long as it has.  Getting into it, the first thing on my mind is that THIS WOULD SO FIT KATAMARI DAMACY!  Like, it’s the same wacky, but chilled experience that makes the tune sound well!  Beyond that, the dreamy-state and quick-paced beats are what make the song sound so good.  I actually really like this track.

3. Hurly Burly

If you wanted something a bit more heavier, then Hurly Burly (a second B-side?!? I haven’t seen that since “Linear Motor Girl”!) is pretty much your direction.  It kind of fits alongside some of the album tracks from “GAME” (mostly “plastic smile”) and I just found myself bumping my head to the beat.  Plus the chorus is just infectious and it’ll get stuck in your head!  I will say the 5+ minute length might be a bit long, but it’s worth it!



WOW! I haven’t been this happy with a Perfume release since “Natural ni Koishite/Fushizen na Girl”.  I’m just loving everything about this release from the cool and crazy catchy (albeit risky) Spending all my time, to the cute and floaty Point to the Perfume norm of Hurly Burly.  It’s three songs that just work so well with each other.  Now I will agree with the fandom that I hope that Spending all my time is a one-time deal, but if they are as catchy and easy to dance to…then bring it Perfume!


One Response to “Perfume – Spending all my time”

  1. I can’t wait to get it so I can hear it fully ^_^

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