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ClariS – Wake Up August 14, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Wake Up
  2. Nakanai yo
  3. a moment
  4. Wake Up -TV MIX-
  5. Wake Up -instrumental-

1. Wake Up

I have to say that the duo really works better when there songs aren’t pop/rock tracks like their last single.  Wake Up steps into more of a cuter zone which isn’t in bad taste because it works with the two gals.  It’s definitely their lightest A-side yet, but I kind of like its charm for sure.

2. Nakanai yo

The first of the B-sides, Nakanai yo tones things down for this ballad.  It’s a pretty song to listen to and I really like the vocal melodies in the song as they stood out from the arrangement quite nicely.  As for said arrangement, it’s pretty simple with piano/strings/some percussion.  I wouldn’t have minded this being an A-side either.

3. a moment

I was kind of hoping a moment was going to be another fast piece, but it turns out that it’s another ballad here.  I notice the main difference is that the arrangement is more keyboard fronted than in “Nakanai yo”.  I kind of feel like I’m listening to the same song again with just a different arrangement…a tad disappointing.



I’m happy ClariS is continuing on after their debut album and Wake Up is a good start since it’s better than a couple of their previous singles.  Wake Up has a really cute but not excrutiantingly painful song and it’s definitely a better song than “Naishou no Hanashi” was.  Of the B-sides it’s really one or the other because the second song you hear, you’ll be thinking…they sound alike!  To me, I prefer Nakanai yo over a reason…but some might be the other way around.  It’s an all right single overall.


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