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faylan – Realization August 14, 2012

Filed under: faylan — solarblade @ 2:34 am

Track Listing

  1. Realization
  2. My Life
  3. Realization (Off Vocal)
  4. My Life (Off Vocal)

1. Realization

I seem to be rather on and off with faylan’s lead tracks but at least Realization is probably her strongest A-side in recent times with a great mix of synths and rock, all blending into this heavy track.  If “Dark Side of the Light” was fixed, I’m sure it’d come out sounding this powerful and so strong.  It’s almost at the same level as “Dead END” and “Soukyuu no Hikari”…it’s a really good song!

2. My Life

As for the B-side on the single, My Life is definitely a brighter song to listen to and it actually is kind of unique in faylan’s discography because it’s straight up pop/rock in the same vein as YUI or miwa.  I think it stood out because it is a happier song and faylan pulled itt off quite nicely.  However, it’s not jaw-dropping as some previous B-sides.



Making up after “WHITE justice”, Realization picked up the slack and faylan delivered a pretty strong single, still not the best (which is still “Dead END/Soukyuu no Hikari”).  Realization though is her best A-side which is definitely a good thing for her but My Life isn’t really memorable despite being something new (or haven’t seen in a long while).  I wonder what’s next from her…


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