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Mai Kuraki – Koi ni Koishite/Special morning day to you August 14, 2012

Filed under: Mai Kuraki — solarblade @ 3:03 am

Track Listing

  1. Koi ni Koishite
  2. Special morning day to you
  3. Koi ni Koishite (Instrumental)
  4. Special morning day to you (Instrumental)

1. Koi ni Koishite

Working with GIORGIO again, Koi ni Koishite sounds like it was going back to the olden days but then when the long string instrument solo…Koi ni Koishite continues to express the sound that was from her last album, “OVER THE RAINBOW”.  It’s no surprise the song didn’t really do much for me because it kind of sounds like the stuff from said album a bit too much.  The chorus is nice and Mai-K’s vocals are soothing (except for this squeaky high notes) but the song is just not hitting it for me.

2. Special morning day to you

Beyond the terrible title for the song (seriously, can we word this any worse Yoda?), Special morning day to you doesn’t really change the mood much, but the instrumentation has changed from an R&B setting to more of a pop/rock ballad.  I like that it kind of has a certain “touch Me!” flaie to it, but it still doesn’t really catch my eye.



Starting a new set of singles up, I really wasn’t too phased by the single sadly.  I will say that Special morning day to you stood out more because it had a much stronger atmosphere and sounds rather unique to her style.  Koi ni Koishite kind of suffered from bland syndrome.  I wonder if she’ll bring something more exciting next time.


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