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Maon Kurosaki – reimei August 14, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. reimei
  2. Hiyoku -Contrast with you-
  3. reimei <instrumental>
  4. Hiyoku -Contrast with you- <instrumental>

1. reimei

I wasn’t surprised that reimei wouldn’t be as hard-hitting as anything from “HELL:ium” but it’s really nice to see her go back to something that’s like stuff from her second album.  reimei is pretty much your typical anison song which could be bad but to me it’s all right but nothing like her last two singles sadly.

2. Hiyoku -Contrast with you-

I have to say that “reimei” does sound like an opening theme, but Hiyoku definitely has that closing theme part down so it quite works as the B-side.  I like the dramatic feel of the song but that’s really about it for the song because it’s super slow and while Maon sounds amazing, she just can’t keep the song interesting (at least for me).



I’m surprised at the drop from “HELL:ium here.  Of the four singles she’s released since her debut, reimei is probably her worst single.  I mean both songs reek of typical anime fare and it just doesn’t cut it this time around, especially how amazing her stuff has been.  I guess she needed a bad single and this would be it.  I do like reimei more than Hiyoku..but both are just kind of bleh from her.


One Response to “Maon Kurosaki – reimei”

  1. toto Says:

    I have to admit that reimei is Maons weakest Single to date. I was surprised too about those typical anime songs after the strong HELL:ium Single. BTW do you plan to review the “Yukyu no Uta” Single that Maon released with anime Singer Ray last month? The Song that Maon sang on there is stronger than reimei.

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