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miwa – Hikari e August 14, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Hikari e
  2. Napa
  3. HiKARiE Remix ~English version~
  4. Hikari e ~instrumental~
  5. Boku ga Boku de Aru Tame ni (bonus track)

1. Hikari e

At least the song isn’t a cover of that One Piece theme XD.  Hikari e marks as an interesting departure for miwa!  Instead of her normal and natural sound, the song has dance beats and miwa under some auto-tune giving this rather unique sound (but she’s still playing guitar).  To me, I felt like she was being risky and the song turned out pretty well for her because I found myself entranced by the song.  It’s a great A-side and definitely is most unique song in her discography currently.

2. Napa

If you were looking for more of what she’s been releasing since her debut, Napa is definitely in that direction but it’s also quite simple of a song when compared to the last couple of releases.  miwa’s vocals are quite something and she sounds carefree and light which adds to the atmosphere of the song,  If you were a fan of any of the songs during the “guitarissimo” era. them you’ll like this.  Otherwise “Hikari e
 still outranks this by a big shot, but this isn’t a bad song to couple it with.

3. HiKARiE Remix ~English version~

A remix of Hikari e?  This is a first for miwa in so many ways.  I mean a remix and singing in English?  I have to say that the auto-tune is still present and it sometimes makes miwa’s pronunciations sound weird.  I actually think it isn’t a bad rendition because she sounds lively and the song has more charm with the English.  The arrangement has added more dance beats and synths to fill out the spaces and the led to a pretty solid track!

4. Boku ga Boku de Aru Tame ni

I’m surprised that the last track is called a bonus track since it’s a Yutaka Ozaki cover.  Now this is also a song that fits into her last two albums with its pop/rock arrangement.  It’s a nice track and a worthy cover song but on this single it just gets overshadowed by everything else on this single XD



miwa really kicks things off her 3rd album era with a surprising single in Hikari e,  No one suspected that she would’ve went the dance route with the lead track (and it’s English remixed version) and somehow made it work for her in a good way because this is my favorite A-side since “Otoshimono”.  Napa is a nice song and keeps to her original style in good fashion and the cover song sticks as well, but c’mon the A-side is really the winner here!


2 Responses to “miwa – Hikari e”

  1. Spade Says:

    The English remix really brings out the Genki Rockets feel of the song, which is rather awesome.

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