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Juliet – “Daisuki” August 17, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. “Daisuki”
  2. Michishirube
  3. “Daisuki” -Instrumental-

1. “Daisuki”

I’ve always said that when it came to Juliet, their synth-based songs always seem to leave a better mark on me than their ballads/R&B tracks.  “Daisuki” seems to mesh their synths with R&B to end up with this pretty good mid-tempo song.  I’ve really didn’t have any problems with any of the ladies singing this time.  This is definitely the best A-side they’ve released since “Shibuya”.

2. Michishirube

Not going to lie, but when I heard the B-side I was like this is basically “Jimoto” with finger snaps.  That really made me feel bored by the song almost immediately!  In some ways, I do think it’s better because of its upbeat nature, but when it comes down to it, Michishirube is kind of a clone.



As their 3rd and final single before releasing their 4th album, “Jealousy”…I can’t say I was pleased with the single, but considering the other singles, this was the best.  “Daisuki” is quite nice and a good change from all the R&B tracls they’ve done.  Michishirube though is just there and overall forgetful…I’m starting to wonder if I’ll even like “Jealousy” even more than “Real” at this point >.>


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