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Tsuki Amano – Sora no Ki August 17, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. Tokyo Tower
  3. Sora no Ki
  5. Kurenai
  6. Cendrillion no Banken
  7. Niwaka Ame
  8. Dropkick
  9. Hikaru Sakana
  10. Soragoto


I was surprised that the album would begin with strings with this deep sound (it’s probably cello).  After that the song gets a bit more cooler with electric guitar and Tsuki’s vocals.  She sounds a bit less held down since she’s yelling the chorus and all that.  When I listen to EUPHORIA all the way, it reminds me of her “ZERO” album.  Interesting choice to start the album off.

2. Tokyo Tower

One of the longer tunes, Tokyo Tower tones things down a bit and so does Tsuki so she doesn’t sound weird as she did in the previous track.  I like the acoustic pop feel of the song and while it’s about 6 minutes in length, I felt it worked to keep it from being boring.  Though I was kind of curious at the small sax parts in the song…it was random.  Overall, pretty good.

3. Sora no Ki

Promoting the album is the title track, Sora no Ki.  The big thing I noticed was there was a lot of cello involved.  Doing a little more research it turns out the celloist is none other than fellow J-pop artist, Kanon Wakeshima.  It’s a different atmosphere all-around as well, having a jungle-like air about it.  Tsuki sounds great once again, but there are some of the louder parts where she kind of gets off-pitch by pushing too much.  It’s still a pretty song to listen to and one of the best this album has to offer.


For a title like this, I kind of thought it would’ve been more hyper and silly but it kind of follows likewise to “Tokyo Tower” but with a little more electric guitar.  I did like the synth effects though, but even with all that going on, the song still felt lacking somewhat.  It does remind me of her older upbeat rock tracks, but this is quite forgetful.

5. Kurenai

Moving onto the first ballad of the album, Kurenai is quite a nice tune to listen to.  I mean the acoustic guitar is leading the arrangement alongside Tsuki’s light vocals.  I thought she brought it in the chorus which sounds depressing but cool at the same time.  I just wonder why she sounds so good here, but not-so-good elsewhere.  I liked this quite a bit!

6. Cendrillion no Banken

Interesting title…moving onto the second half of the album, Cendrillion no Banken lightens things up after “Kurenai” with it’s kind of cute tone to it (like “ZERO’s album songs).  At least she has stronger vocals here and I’m loving the charm this song has on me. 

7. Niwaka Ame

Another light tune comes up next and Niwaka Ame has a certain morning glow feel to it and I thought that was pleasant, but I’m starting to feel like the album is going into the same instrumentations but different melodies.  I like how things become more pop/rock when the chorus comes in but it’s like two seperate ideas.  It’s OK but both parts are a bit similar to other songs on the album.

8. Dropkick

I think of all the songs on the album, I think I might be surprised by this one the most because it’s kind of cutesy and uncharacteristic for both the album and Tsuki herself (kind of like “Taisou” from “A MOON CHILD IN THE SKY”).  I’m not really used to her singing in such a cutesy pitch (nor sounding like some anison singer) but Dropkick has a lot of English in it.  I have to say it’s pretty unique on the album and I like it for that but as a song itself, well…it’s a bit strange lol.

9. Hikaru Sakana

After that odd song, Hikaru Sakana comes in and while it tones things down dramatically, the song is also quite a strange one too.  The song has this droning feel and Tsuki’s vocals has this watery filter placed on it up until the chorus where she’s back to the belting and kind of hitting odd notes.  It’s a small step better than “Dropkick” but not by much as both bring new elements to the album.

10. Soragoto

As the longest song, the final track Soragoto is as much of a clone to “Tokyo Tower” but with not as much emphasis on the acoustic guitar but instead of the piano.  I mean the song is all right and all, but for being over 6 minutes, it does seem to bore me after the halfway mark.

Tracks Recommended

  • Sora no Ki
  • Kurenai
  • Hikaru Sakana
  • Cendrillion no Banken
  • Dropkick

Song of Avoidance


While I don’t exactly consider “Licht” as her last studio album…Sora no Ki could be compared to “ZERO”.  The album is OK, but it’s nothing like the haydays of when Tsukiko had the amazing “Tenryuu” and “MOON CHILD”.  Sora no Ki is light and sticks to what she has been sounding like since rejoining OTAKURA but it’s kind of bland in places and the interesting songs aren’t as good as stuff from “Bara to Shinjuu”.  OK album but she’s had better!


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  1. NyNy Says:

    I need to listen to more of her songs because the only ones I have heard of are Moon and Voice.

    Perhaps if you have time, would you check out my blog, NyNyOnline (http://nynyonline.wordpress.com)?

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