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Masami Okui – -Side SunRise- Sora no Uta August 19, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Sora no Uta
  2. Aoi Namida
  3. Sora no Uta (Instrumental)
  4. Aoi Namida (Instrumental)

1. Sora no Uta

I’m kind of surprised that Makkun released a single shortly after “Love Axel”.  I’m also a bit surprised that Sora no Uta is so anime-ish and bright for her since I’m used to stuff like “Renka Tairan” and the like.  This tune is upbeat and genki which might be why I have a hard time taking it in.  She still sounds great though and fits.  Interesting A-side.

2. Aoi Namida

The B-side though is also quite interesting for Makkun because it sounds like an idol song almost but with Makkun’s vocals.  I do say that I kind of enjoy this song a little bit more than “Sora no Uta”.  I did feel though like the chorus was lacking somewhat.  Not bad, but it’s still a little lacking in areas.



If you’re curious there is a Side SunSet but that’s sung by Aira Yuuki.  Makkun’s Sora no Uta single isn’t really that great because it’s a tad bit plain in areas and a little uncharacteristic for her (though granted I haven’t heard her discography so it might actually fit to her older days *shrugs*.  I’ll just say that I prefer “Renka Tairan” over this.


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