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MIYAVI vs YUKSEK – DAY 1 August 19, 2012

Filed under: MIYAVI — solarblade @ 9:20 pm

Track Listing

  1. DAY 1
  3. DAY 1 (instrumental)

1. DAY 1

Hey, MIYAVI went electro for his next collaborative single in his Samurai Sessions project.  I have to say that I was actually digging his experimentation back on “WHAT’S MY NAME?” and seeing him try it again definitely made me happy.  DAY 1 seems to fuse electronic beats and synths alongside MIYAVI’s guitarwork to get this really epic mixture.  I’ve never heard of YUKSEK but I think he handles the electronics so that’s cool.  Definitely a lot more memorable to me than “STRONG”.


Talking about “WHAT’S MY NAME?” it seems thay MIYAVI decided to update FUTURISTIC LOVE which was a pretty awesome song from the album.  The new version seems to clear things up and throws in my knick-knacks to make it pop out more and I love those changes because it gave the song a LOT more color.  I’m not sure if YUKSEK was involved here but if he was then kudos.  I still like “DAY 1” more but this is a great coupling to the single!



If MIYAVI continues this Samurai Sessions for longer, the possibility of the album will be amazing because he’s been doing so much better since “STRONG”.  Both tracks are a great mixture of electro and rock and sound great…of course MIYAVI gets props for still kicking ass as a guitaris lol.


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