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Sukima Switch – Eureka August 19, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Eureka
  2. Kimi ga Ii Nara (from “TOUR 2012 “musium””)
  3. Guarana (from “TOUR 2012 “musium””)
  4. Eureka (Anime ver.)
  5. Eureka (backing track)

1. Eureka

For as long as I have been listening to Sukima Switch, I’ve been waiting for something upbeat to come along as an A-side and we finally got Eureka and I like it a lot.  It’s still pretty much an acoustic affair but there’s some added things that fill it out.  Takuya sounds a little more nasally than mormal but I thought it worked for the song, overall it’s probably the best song I’ve heard from them yet (sans “Andersen”).

2. Kimi ga Ii Nara (from “TOUR 2012 “musium””)

While there’s no original B-side on the single we ended up with two live versions of two of their older songs.  The first is Kimi ga Ii Nara (which is an album song from their debut major album, “Natsugumo Noise”).  At first it starts off with just Takuya and acoustic guitar and then moves into a mid-tempo tune.  For the most part it goes by without faults but it’s about as interesting and most of the “musium” singles and that’s not good.

3. Guarana (from “TOUR 2012 “musium””)

The next track is a live take on their 8th A-side.  This seems to be their fun song becuase it perked up the crowd which is good because I love the energy out of Guarana as well.  Takuya is also having fun with the tune as well which is a nice change.  I might have to find the studio cut after hearing this!



It’s funny, Sukima Switch has never been on my radar because the last couple of singles were a bit too drony.  Eureka finally broke that monotony for me with its upbeat nature and how it was tied to an anime.  The live versions were nice to, but it was obvious I liked Guarana more than Kimi ga Ii Nara.  Since a best-of is being released this week, it seems it doesn’t affect “Last Scene” and Eureka so we could still get both on a studio album (hopefully).


One Response to “Sukima Switch – Eureka”

  1. bladeblur Says:

    Glad you liked it. I thought it was the best single they had since Golden Time Lover.

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