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Piko – Make My Day! August 20, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Make My Day!
  2. Gesshoku
  3. Invisible
  4. Make My Day! (PikoLess Version)
  5. Gesshoku (PikoLess Version)
  6. Invisible (PikoLess Version)

1. Make My Day!

I love that cute 8bit opening out of Make My Day!  Actually this is pretty strogn A-side from him since it’s nothing like his previous singles at all.  It’s a lot more energetic and Piko’s vocals ring out in a good way (plus that chorus is increasingly catchy).  It just is a fun rock song to listen to and surpasses a lot of songs from “2PIKO” quite strongly.

2. Gesshoku

The first B-side, Gesshoku is a bit more serious in style and has some cool things going on like a stronger instrumentation and Piko’s vocals sounding even better as well.  It’s like a really cool track and the synths being spun around works too.  I think I like the previous track a bit more but this was actually pretty good overall.

3. Invisible

I like that little ragtime intro for Invisible before it blasts out the door as the single’s most aggressive tune.  Invisible is interesting because it takes Piko out of his comfort zone because he raps and plays in both his deep vocals and high vocals (more of the latter since the chorus is heavily focused on that).  I love the energy of the song, but it’s so bipolar vocally that it’s gonna take a while to get used to.



Something must’ve happened because this is seriously has best single he’s done since debuting.  Make My Day! is just fun and not bland at all which is surprisingly a good thing.  Gesshoku and Invisible made great B-sides as well being powerful and still having that grear Piko feel…jeeze *RECOMMENDED*


One Response to “Piko – Make My Day!”

  1. bladeblur Says:

    Wait what just happened? You… LIKED… a Piko release? :O

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