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ONE OK ROCK – The Beginning August 21, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. The Beginning
  2. Ketsuraku Automation
  3. Notes’n’Words

1. The Beginning

I was curious to as how OOR would handle after the awesomeness from “Zankyo Reference: and with The Beginning they seem to handle it well.  It’s a little bit under “Re:make” but this song is still true to themselves and it’s a very enjoyable song.  Add in that a good portion is in English and I’m very surprised it turned out as well as it did.  I really enjoy Taka’s vocals…it’s pretty unique and has a good rockin’ quality (makes you wonder what the hell was he doing in NEWS) XD.  Great A-side.

2. Ketsuraku Automation

The first of the B-sides, Ketsuraku Automation begins with a nice strings piece before Taka and the band enters in.  While it’s not as hard-hitting as “The Beginning”, it’s pretty solid as well.  It’s kind of like they’re taking a good rest out of this song.  Taka doesn’t sound as enthusiastic because he kind of just sounds bored in the chorus but everywhere else it’s fine.  Not as good, but it’s not a disappointment.

3. Notes’n’Words

The other track, actually has more of a down-to-earth kind of feel and sounds like a more personal execution.  Meaning that this tune is pretty much an acoustic track from the band.  I thought it complimented to powerhouse that play before it so it’s a nice calm after the storm.  Taka sounds really nice here and his English is really good here as well.  A surprise, but a really nice one at that!



I love the fact that the band scored the movie theme for the upcoming Rurouni Kenshin live-action because The Beginning is pretty awesome of a song (even though it’s not as badass as “Re:make”.  Notes’n’Words was also pretty strong too and shows a different side to the band (though they have before, but this felt more emotional and personal).  Ketsuraku Automation is feeling a bit like a leftover from their last album but that’s not bad…I was just enjoying the other two songs a bit more.  A good start to a new era for them!


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