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POLYSICS – Lucky Star August 21, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Lucky Star
  2. No Control

1. Lucky Star

POLYSICS return with Lucky Star and I’m liking this track for some reason…then again when FUMI takes lead vocals this time around, it’s a pretty good thing since the last couple releases have been mostly HAYASHI lead.  He’s still present doing his wacky bits and the vocoder stuff.  I do feel like it’s got an anime-intro feel to it though,but it still has the POLYSICS feel overall.  After a while, the song starts to push my buttons because it gets repetitive and a little annoying…

2. No Return

The B-side No Return is a bit like their past since HAYAHSI is in the leading role this time around.  It sort of reminds me of “Beat Flash” with it’s 8bit bleeps here and there.  It’s a cool and frantic piece since most of it is guitar-work besides the verses.  I’m surprised though that there’s this kind of screechy/stretched sound after the chorus that’s bothersome but the song is pretty unique (then again the band is known for that).



It’s been a long time since POLYSICS have actually released a single (and that was before KAYO had left the group), Lucky Star is a strong single but it does feel like they’re kind of reusing ideas from previous works to get by.  Lucky Star is cute but towards the end it does start getting annoying and No Return was good as well but it’s familiar to me but it is better than the A-side.  At least they’re releasing a single after the mini-album and two albums.


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