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StylipS – Choose me♡Darling August 21, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Choose me♡Darling
  2. Baby KISS☆
  3. Fragile Crazy
  4. Choose me♡Darling (inst)
  5. Baby KISS☆ (inst)
  6. Fragile Crazy (inst)

1. Choose me♡Darling

Aren’t we a little late with our summer song StylipS?  At least that’s what I feel like it sounds like with this A-side.  I had to say though it’s their best A-side yet since it’s fun to listen to and the girls sound mostly pretty good (then again there’s not a lot of Yui present).  It does have the typical summer style but it has a bit more oomph which is something I DEFINITELY enjoyed.  Great and fun song to listen to!

2. Baby KISS☆

Then we kind of go backwards with Baby KISS☆ which has a bit more brass instruments in the song and mixes that with the summery theme as well.  Sadly, this song kind of fits at this forgetful tune because it kind of sounds like something SUPER☆GiRLS have done and I’m just not too impressed by the song.

3. Fragile Crazy

Then we get Fragile Crazy which is totally not anything they’ve done before!  It’s a bit more dancy and there’s rapping as well which are two things StylipS haven’t tackled yet.  I have to say Arisa and Kaori (and Maho?) sound all amazing in this song and the parts Yui got was actually well done (especially with her lackluster tone).  Definitely the best track off the single!



I’m happy StylipS are getting more popular with every release and it shows with their works too because Choose me♡Darling is their best single yet.  Like I said, they are a little late to the summer party but the A-side is surprisingly catchy and they sound happy and just having a blast with it.  However, Fragile Crazy is the best of the single…so many new things going on and they all worked cohesively together and I hope it makes it on the future album.  The only fault is probably Baby KISS☆ since it’s just bland and typical of a beach-parading song…still overall this is their best single.


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