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moumoon – Hanabi August 22, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Hanabi
  2. summer time
  3. Sunshine Girl (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
  4. Chu Chu (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
  5. Hanabi (Instrumental)
  6. summer time (Instrumental)

1. Hanabi

I love moumoon’s ballads, they are the best things about the group sans a couple of amazing upbeat tunes.  YUKA sounds pretty as all hell and the song while quiet a good portion gets a lot better in the chorus and she’s the star of the song.  I don’t think it’s as amazing as “Love is Everywhere” but this is a very beautiful track.

2. summer time

Another late to the party summer song?  Not gonna lie at first that guitar intro reminded me of that Jesse McCartney song LOL.  The song feels like it was meant to be like a sequal to “Sunshine Girl” but with the current moumoon sound which is a bit depressing but the song isn’t bad and has a lot of charm about it.  Still feels like a cheap return to what made them blowout. 

3. Sunshine Girl (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

Which isn’t surprising that said song would be somewhere on the single >.>  They can’t really let go of that song because of how popular it was.  I was pretty excited though for remixes because Shinichi is like amazing.  Then I came into it and I was like….what a lazy remix!  I mean it’s different for him since it’s not fast and a little more atmospheric, but this is really tedious and boring…

4. Chu Chu (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

Chu Chu also got the same treatment and I already enjoy this a bit more than “Sunshine Girl’s” but it’s not at the same level like Shinichi’s other songs.  It depends on the same 3-note chord progression which really makes it tough to listen to.  The bounching rhythm worked better too, but I still felt like it was a phone-in remix from him.



I don’t know why but moumoon has been kind of falling behind on the good stuff lately.  Hanabi is a good ballad and clearly the best song on the single which is surprising.  summer time is all right but it felt like it was trying to fill in the shoes from “Sunshine Girl” which BTW, the remixes both kind of suck…and this is surprising since this is Shinichi Osawa we’re talking about…I hope they close the era with a better single than this and “Wild Child” to be honest.


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