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PASSPO☆ – Natsuzora HANABI August 22, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Natsuzora HANABI
  2. Dear My Friends
  3. Pink no Parachute (CD+Individual Handshake Event only)
  4. Natsuzora HANABI (Instrumental)
  5. Dear My Friends (Instrumental)
  6. Pink no Parachute (Instrumental)

1. Natsuzora HANABI

It seems the group decided to continue on their world tour by coming back to Japan for Natsuzora HANABI but I like that since they also seemed to keep the rockin’ guitarwork from “Next Flight” in this song.  I found it back to their style but with more pep from the girls.  That being said, while it is a lot more energetic, I felt like their last A-side brought it better as a representation of the group. 

2. Dear My Friends

Title is so overused these days…anyways PASSPO☆ really struck my with this song because it really reminds me of a SCANDAL song for some reason.  It’s loud and persitant with its energy.  Add in the melodic chorus and you kind of get this song basically.  The guitar solo is pretty awesome but it wasn’t enough to save the song in my opinion.

3. Pink no Parachute

Like the single, this is kind of going back to their “CHECK-IN” album with it’s fusion of idol pop and their outing to do rock.  The song doesn’t really stand out in their discography but it’s slightly charming in its own way.  I think my favorite parts are the bridges but everything else is just kind of meh. 



To me, Natsuzora HANABI isn’t as attracting or as epic as “Next Flight” was but I guess this field trip is starting to land since the leading A-side was all Japanese and all that.  It’s different for the group and I liked it, but it wasn’t as good.  Dear My Friends and Pink no Parachute is just PASSPO☆’s normal rock style which doesn’t seem to phase me any…overall it’s just an OK single.


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