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Super Junior – Sexy, Free & Single August 22, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Sexy, Free & Single
  2. Our Love
  3. Sexy, Free & Single -Korean ver.- (CD only)

1. Sexy, Free & Single

Well it was no surprise that SuJu would take their most recent title track and make it their next A-side.  Sexy, Free & Single is quite funky and of course the same elements can be same told here which does kind of make me yawn since this has been the same since they started up in Japan.  I mean this is Kangin’s first single coming back which is great and makes up for Heechul gonig on hiatus two singles ago.  They all sound great but I wan most impressed with Donghae, Kangin, and Yesung.  It’s a nice and danceable track, but 4 in a row?  Could we get something different?

2. Our Love

So the B-side is also a Japanese rendition of Urideurui Sarang from their second album (wow a long time ago).  Sadly, it’s another ballad as the B-side and I’m just kind of bored already.  I don’t really get the cheesy keyboard tone for some reason…CASIO much?  Add that it was 6 minutes long and cheesy as all hell and I’m just like forgetting the song altogether.  Though the good thing is that it sounds good in Japanese.  Siwon sounds weird in this song too >.>

3. Sexy, Free & Single -Korean ver.-

Of course it isn’t a Suju single without the Korean version of the title track which is still the preferred version IMO.  I think everyone sounds a bit stronger and the lyrics flow more smoothly.  Other than that it’s the same song otherwise and the hooks are the same and still amazingly catchy lol.



Despite the fat that I enjoy Sexy, Free & Single, I’m getting tired of their releases in Japan.  It’s always an upbeat, Korean track and a lame ballad to coincide with the release.  Can we move into some original stuff guys…it’s starting to get OLD! 


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