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KARA – PANDORA August 24, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Way
  2. Pandora
  3. Idiot
  4. Geuliun Nalen (Miss U)
  5. Pandora (Inst.)

1. Way

Starting KARA’s 5th Korean mini, Way starts things off on a cute note and this kind of sounds like some of the songs from their Japanese album, “Super Girl”.  It’s perky and has the sugary bounce to their sound which is OK, but I’ve never really been a fan of this style and it makes me wonder why this was chosen as the first track.

2. Pandora

I’m happy they chose this song to promote it because I don’t feel like the other songs would’ve brought it to be honest.  Pandora is pretty much their K-pop song of the year since it has a heavier sound and the ladies all sound really good together.  It’s not as epic like “Jumping” and “STEP” but this is a pretty solid track from them.

3. Idiot

With a title like Idiot, I wasn’t expecting the song to sound like some Destiny Islands track (if you get the reference then you win a cookie).  What I mean is that, the song has an island pop vibe to it which kind of feels strange when the song is called Idiot.  I will say that I enjoyed it a lot more than “Way” as that cute song on the mini.

4. Geuliun Nalen (Miss U)

I will say that I enjoyed the 4th track a bit since it was a little taste of that Burlesque flavor with Geuliun Nalen but it’s still KARA at its core.  If it wasn’t because of the horns though, I could’ve swore this comes off like a Winter song, but this is a classy little tune and I enjoyed it quite a bit if not as much as Pandora.



Wow, I kind of don’t get the whole Korean mini-album ides when it is just 4 songs and all but whatever.  PANDORA was actually quite nice and we got 4 different sides from the ladies.  The only song that I didn’t like was Way because that was strangely bland against the three others.  Still not bad at all!


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