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4minute – Love Tension August 26, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Love Tension
  2. Volume Up (Japanese Version)
  3. Love Tension (Karaoke Version)
  4. Volume Up (Karaoke Version)

1. Love Tension

I have to say after being disappointed in “READY GO”, I was ready for 4minute to come back strong with a new A-side and Love Tension is definitely what I had asked for!  It’s what they do best and it’s keeping it true to their K-pop roots.  Also there isn’t a lot of HyunA imvolved which is also a great point for the single.  It’s catchy and one of their best songs in Japan!

2. Volume Up (Japanese Version)

Not surprising, they made the B-side a Japanese version of their title track from their most recent Korean release.  It’s still sassy and full of HyunA, but in a different language.  I don’t mind the changes much though I still prefer the original version sadly.  I think this could be the cleanest one’s they’ve done but there is probably others.



Preceding their first best-of album (wait…this early?), Love Tension is actually one of their best singles seeing as both tracks are pretty good songs.  Love Tension stays true to their style and Volume Up is more of an interesting experiment with their sound and a smoky sax style.  I love it!