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Anna Tsuchiya – Voyagers August 28, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Voyagers
  2. Anna Tsuchiya MEGA-MIX
  3. IS THIS LOVE? at 2012/6/9 Sound of Coral Live ver. (Anna ver. only)
  4. Switch On! Orchestra ver. (Instrumental) (Kamen Rider Fourze ver. only)
  5. Voyagers (Instrumental)

1. Voyagers

I’m kind of surprised Anna was chosen again to sing a theme for Kamen Rider.  In comparison, this is a bit more relaxing than her previous KR song, “Switch On!”.  I don’t particularly find the song very memorable for some reason but it’s been a while where I haven’t been too fond of her A-sides so this is kind of her worst in quite a while. 

2. Anna Tsuchiya MEGA-MIX

  • Switch On!
  • rose
  • Kuroi Namida
  • Believe In Love
  • Brave vibration

Wow, so Anna actually pulled off to release a megamix on the single.  Even more is the fact that these songs are predominantly sad ballad-like rock tracks from Anna.  It’s an interesting set of tracks chosen for this and they transition nicely into one another.  I do feel like Kuroi Namida and Believe In Love are the oddball tracks and Brave vibration being the last one as well is odd too.  It’s different but I find it as a nice incentive I guess.

4. Switch On! Orchestra ver. (Instrumental)

I find it weird that they made a third version of Switch On! instead of giving Voyagers it’s alternate instrumental.  I think the orchestra is nice and the melody is a bit stronger but I don’t particularly find the melody to be as memorable as previous other KR-tied songs.



I’ll be honest and say that this single was kind of blah for me.  Voyagers isn’t that great of an Anna song compared to others and it’s not as good as “Swtich On!” either.  I liked the mega-mix for what it was and its choices were pretty good too.  Switch On!’s new version, blah w/e….yeah I’m not too excited from this single.


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