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Up Up Girls – Mecha Kyun♡Summer (‘▽`)ノ August 30, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Mecha Kyun♡Summer (‘▽`)ノ
  2. Cyalume
  3. Mecha Kyun♡Summer (‘▽`)ノ (instrumental)
  4. Cyalume (instrumental)

1. Mecha Kyun♡Summer (‘▽`)ノ

As it’s the group’s summer theme, Mecha Kyun♡Summer (‘▽`)ノ is kind of typical for me and doesn’t seem to really catch my attention very well.  I like that all the girls get their time to shine in the song and the bright atmosphere of the tune is really sweet, but there’s something that doesn’t feel remotely strong about the song.  Then again after all the summer songs I’ve heard…it’s starting to drag me down lol.  I found it funny they kept saying ~up up~ as a little shoulder bump of this is who we are in the song.  Not bad, but they’ve done better.

2. Cyalume

For the B-side, Cyalume is actually a lot better than the A-side IMO.  I mean it’s strange they made it about the stuff that makes the lightsticks at concerts/events glow.  I like the synths that are basically carrying the song and once again solos for the girls make me happy!  It’s funny that I find this even better than their last single altogether.  Definitely a much stronger song. 



UUG…they just won’t slow down (and as of this review they have another single on the horizon PLUS they performed 5-6 new songs, hoping an album is soon).  Mecha Kyun♡Summer (‘▽`)ノ is probably my least favorite A-side yet because it doesn’t really stand out to me and kind of runs on the typical summer theme.  Cyalume however won me over so quickly that it’s easily becoming the group’s best B-side yet!  Here’s hoping the next single will bring it back!!!


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