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Yuya Matsushita – SEE YOU August 30, 2012

Filed under: Yuya Matsushita — solarblade @ 5:12 am

Track Listing

  1. SEE YOU
  3. SEE YOU 89sec. (Animation Size Ver.)
  4. SEE YOU (Instrumental)


Hmmm, Yuya once again starting his third era with a ballad for an A-side?  Either way, SEE YOU is kind of a pleasant song if not slightly cute in a way with the twinkling going on.  As simple as it sounds, I kind of like Yuya’s vocal performance in the song…it’s strong and he takes control in a nice way.  It’s quite nice and kind of better than a couple of ballads from “2U”.


For the B-side, BEAUTIFUL GIRL kind of represents the more bright and upbeat track on the single even though it’s not hi-energy.  It’s kind of that poppy and happy pop song that accuntuates such a title as BEAUTIFUL GIRL.  For me, it was OK, nothing that says memorable much but it’s a pleasant summery tune I guess.



Yuya returns with a single that kind of mirrors “Bird / 4 Seasons” in a way that the single is lead by a ballad while the B-side is more pop-based.  My surprise comes in the fact that the single doesn’t have version exclusive songs which is new but a good move for this single.  I liked SEE YOU quite a bit but BEAUTIFUL GIRL is kind of there…I don’t know but it’s a moderate start I guess.


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