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ryo (supercell) feat. Miku Hatsune / Jin feat. Miku Hatsune – ODDS & ENDS/Sky of Beginning September 2, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. ODDS & ENDS
  2. Sky of Beginning
  3. ODDS & ENDS (Instrumental)
  4. Sky of Beginning (Instrumental)


Back again with a new ryo song that focuses on the famous VOCALOID, Miku.  Unlike most of her past ryo-produced songs, ODDS & ENDS takes much more of a lighter route which does reminds of the old Nagi singles.  It’s bright and kind of has this springtime kind of sound.  Of course my main frown is that Miku’s vocals do NOT fit this style and in this song, it stands out like a sore thumb which is a definite negative for the song.  Definitely not his best work with the VOCALOID.

2. Sky of Beginning

Now I have heard of Jin recently (his recent single was on the ORICON charts) and it sounds like he could handle Miku.  With Sky of Beginning he oddly took the same route like ryo did where the song is mostly based around natural instruments and Miku’s voice trying to fit somewhere in the arrangement.  While I still don’t enjoy her vocals with the arrangement, it did a lot better than “ODDS & ENDS” and it was fun, fast-paced and full of life…weird how that works.



At this point, I think ryo could make a second Miku album but by the this song, ODDS & ENDS is kind of just not done well.  I heard some like weird note clipping and Miku’s vocals didn’t fit the atmosphere.  Sky of Beginning suffered almost the same fate, but that kind of grew on me faster than normal which is good!!!  I don’t know exactly know what happens next…but I hope it’s good!


2 Responses to “ryo (supercell) feat. Miku Hatsune / Jin feat. Miku Hatsune – ODDS & ENDS/Sky of Beginning”

  1. Paige Shore Says:

    Love this single! ODDS & ENDS is a return to classic ryo, plus that PV was AMAZING!

  2. ShyBlue Says:

    Ryo’s song ends up being classic supercell.

    And Jin’s song ends up being anything but classic Jin. xD His only other cheerful song had a lot of electronica 8-bit kind of sounds in the background rather than the acoustic type of thing he went with this time. I still liked it because the melody/tuning and lyrics are very typical of Jin, who I am a fan of.

    While you are critical of ryo’s tuning of miku (and I didn’t enjoy it much myself either), I think he did a better job here than in the past. Though her vocals sounded like they were trying to imitate Nagi (to me anyways).

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