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Shoko Nakagawa – nsum ~Nakagawa Shoko ga Utatte Mita!~ September 2, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Dream Diver
  2. GAME
  3. Discovery
  4. Tokimeki☆Dreamer
  5. Works×Works
  6. Uchuu de Propose

1. Dream Diver

Kicking off this rather short mini, Dream Diver (lol KH reference implemented here) Dream Diver kind of follows Shokotan’s recent explorations in rock music and it sounds powerful and would’ve fit almost perfectly on “Cosmic Inflation”.  It’s nothing totally new to her, but she tackled it very well…A good way to start things off.


I don’t get the keyboard typing that opens up GAME but the song is another rock-themed single but has a little more fire in it when compared to “Dream Diver”.  Otherwise, they are kind of similar with a little more synth here…nothing too amazing but I think it’s one of the better rock songs she’s done.

3. Discovery

After the rock songs pass by, Discovery comes in and it’s funny enough the mini’s lone ballad song which is a bit flow crushing after “GAME” but this is rather pleasant and bridges into the second half nicely.  Actually it’s not a ballad since it paces itself faster at the chorus.  It still does bridge things which is nice and that’s all it really does.  I don’t really remember the song otherwise.

4. Tokimeki☆Dreamer

Now we get into Shokotan’s more cuter, anison stuff with Tokimeki☆Dreamer which sounds pleasant because it has a lit of twinkly synths playing around. I like the happy atmosphere and all and the song is quite catchy but damn she kind of does that chorus bad.  The last ~motto~ was pretty sharp and kind of making her push her vocals.  I still enjoyed the song and I felt it was shorter than it actually was XD

5. Works×Works

I would consider Works×Works to be a little more playful of a song since it’s got more of an interesting arrangement and Shokotan’s vocals are bit more in her seiyuu range.  At first I wasn’t a fan of first half of the song because it did quickly became stale for me.  Once the jazzy middle interlude came in, the song decided to pick up the beat and it felt more alive…I just wish it had that beat throughout the song IMO.

6. Uchuu de Propose

The final song was oddly chosen as the promo song and it’s definitely the cutest of the six.  There’s a little of cute pop going on and a little of that 50’s pop with the ~sha-la-la-las~ going on behind her.  I also like the echo effect on the song as well filling out the what-could’ve-been empty spaces.  It wasn’t a bad choice but it doesn’t really stand out to me.



I don’t exactly know what happened but I kind of fell out of the fandom for Shokotan after “Cosmic Inflation” the singles she’s done since haven’t been too good (maybe “Horoscope”) and the fact she released two mini cover albums and a best-of after her last studio album haven’t really done anything for me either.  nsum is alright at best, but I feel like she doesn’t have the spark on this mini like she did on her last album and that made the six songs here come up short.  Though I’d say Tokimeki☆Dreamer did the best here.


One Response to “Shoko Nakagawa – nsum ~Nakagawa Shoko ga Utatte Mita!~”

  1. Paige Shore Says:

    The whole gimmick with this mini was that all the songs were composed/produced by Vocaloid producers.

    1. Jin/じん (自然の敵P)
    2. DECO*27
    3. kz (livetune)
    4. 8#Prince/ Hachiouji-P (八王子P)
    5. sasakure.UK
    6. Maeyamada Kenichi (Hyadain)

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