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Sakanaction – Yoru no Odoriko September 3, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Yoru no Odoriko
  2. multiple exposure
  3. Boku to Hana (sakanaction Remix)

1. Yoru no Odoriko

I have to say, Yoru no Odoriko is quite something else when it comes from Sakanaction because I ended up really enjoying this song even with it’s random PV.  It has a bit more life strewn through it and Ichiro doesn’t sound as boring as he did in “Boku to Hana” which is surprisingly good.  I still kind of feel like it doesn’t feel like the singles they’ve released for “DocumentaLy”.  Still, this is a fun song to listen to.

2. multiple exposure

For the B-side, I also felt they tackled it a lot stronger than they did with “Neptunes”.  I like how the song builds up most of the time with Ichiro singing but what it came out to was a little bit of a bummer since it’s a little slower than the synth beats.  I think it’s ok but I don’t think it’s as good as some of their older B-sides to be honest.

3. Boku to Hana (sakanaction Remix)

As predictable as a the choice was, we have a remix of Boku to Hana closing the single out and I’m kind of chuckling because it’s a remix from the band themselves.  Though for the newbies, there’s no lyrics involved in the remix which might confuse some people since the group is just dealing with the melody of the A-side and not focusing on Ichiro’s performance.  For a near 7 minute remix, this was kind of nice though I wonder how it would’ve sound if the vocal melody was kept in.



As the second single released for the era, Yoru no Odoriko did much better od a job than “Boku to Hana” that’s for sure.  The leading song is festive and kind of fun to listen to.  multiple exposure is alright, but the fact that it kind of builds up to a unmomumental chorus makes me frown a but.  As for the remix of Boku to Hana….it’s OK, but I think it would’ve been better with Ichiro’s vocals in it…A step up, but not too big of one.


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