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Vanilla Beans – Choco Mint Flavor Time September 3, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Choco Mint Flavor Time
  2. Hitotsu no Uta
  3. 1969nen no Drag Race (Limited only)
  4. Toki no Kakera -Midnight flavor remix- (Limited only)
  5. Choco Mint Flavor Time (Instrumental)
  6. Hitotsu no Uta (Instrumental)

1. Choco Mint Flavor Time

Beyond the silly title (which is funny since they’re eating Baskin Robbins in the PV), Choco Mint Flavor Time kind of reminds me of the songs from “Vanilla Beans II” since it’s peppy and kind of random at the same time.  I kind of enjoy the song and even better is that guitar solo which makes it sound old and classic which is always good to hear!  Definitely a better track than “Toki no Kakera”. 

2. Hitotsu no Uta

The B-side though is a bit surprising and kind of out of nowhere, especially that buzzing synth intro haha.  I kind of like the ladies’ vocals in the song since it gives a little bit of cute excitement in the song but keeping with their light pop vibes.  I do think the synth solo is a bit overbearing, but overall this song is GOOD!

3. 1969nen no Drag Race

As the extra song from the limited edition, 1969nen no Drag Race is keeping up with the duo’s premise of the olden times which is pretty awesome because this song kind of fill my mind with those old pop songs that would be heard around race tracks.  I don’t know how to feel about the ladies in the song because I actually paid attention WAY more to the music than the vocals which were kind of there but nothing that stood out.

4. Toki no Kakera -Midnight flavor remix-

Then they close it out with a remix of Toki no Kakera and I am already finding myself enjoying the remix MUCH more than the original version because the synths are an interesting twist as well as the sitar!  Their light vocals give this air of mystery and the added auto-tune was a nice touch as well!  Definitely awesome!



As their 2nd single after “Vanilla Beans II”, I think they did a much better job with this single than they did with “Toki no Kakera”.  Choco Mint Flavor Time and it’s strange ice cream-ness actually sounds solid and pretty memorable for them.  Hitotsu no Uta sounds good too but that snyth line is a bit harsh on the ears and 1969nen no Drag Race while the worst of the three…sounds good if it had an instrumental.  The remix of Toki no Kakera though was the best thing…kind of sets them back to “D&D” and the electro songs.  Good single overall!


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