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AKB48 – Gingham Check September 4, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Gingham Check
  2. Yume no Kawa (Type A and Theater Edition only)
  3. Do Re Mi Fa Onchi (Next Girls) (Type A only)
  4. Nante Bohemian (Undergirls) (Type B only)
  5. Show fight! (Future Girls)(Type B only)
  6. Ano Hi no Fuurin (Waiting Girls) (Theater Edition only)
  7. Gingham Check off vocal ver.
  8. Yume no Kawa off vocal ver.
  9. Do Re Mi Fa Onchi off vocal ver.
  10. Nante Bohemian off vocal ver.
  11. Show fight! off vocal ver.
  12. Ano Hi no Fuurin off vocal ver.

1. Gingham Check

I guess Gingham Check is kind of the odd single released since it doesn’t exactly follow anything too important for the group.  The song really doesn’t seem very exciting and just felt like a lazy push to release this so soon after “1830m”, though the PV for this was pretty fun to watch and its randomness was awesome.  Sadly that’s the only memorable thing because it sounds a bit like some of their previous works.

2. Yume no Kawa

As this is Acchan’s final single with the group, Yume no Kawa is basically her graduation song since she sings first and makes the biggest appearance in the song beyond the 9 other girls there (who all but Jurina has been singing alongside her for quite a long times).  I like the simplicity of the song and the fact that there’s a lot of solo lines surprised me a LOT.  I don’t find many AKB ballads to be at all any good, but this actually was…hmmm a switch is on the works perhaps?

3. Do Re Mi Fa Onchi

I guess the theme of the single is ____ Girls.  Starting with the Next Girls, their song Do Re Mi Fa Onchi is kind of synths and kind of takes with Team A’s dance tracks which makes sense to me.  I could’ve done without the chanting section of the song, but this is a fun and danceable track overall. 

4. Nante Bohemian

Well, the synths continue to fill the headphones with the Undergirls taking over for Nante Bohemian.  I actually think this is the single’s best track because the girls sing in a deeper tone as well as their idol sound…add in the kind of bhangra-ish feel and I’m finding myself taking this in fully!  There always seem to be that one GREAT song on the single and this is that song.

5. Show fight!

Future Girls eh?  It sounds like they could’ve done well with any of the two previous tracks to be honest.  Their song Show fight! isn’t as heavy as the previous two tracks, but that’s OK because they needed a cute song to coincide with them.  I do think it has charm and it is kind of feisty and fun to listen to.  Not bad here!

6. Ano Hi no Fuurin

The Waiting Girls close it out and I rather call this…HUGE MUMBO JUMBO group of girls coming together.  I think it rivals the big collection of girls that were used for “Aozora yo Sabashikunai ka?”.  With this crazy amount of ladies, it’s no surprise they ended up with a ballad as well.  It’s still not as majestic like “Sakura no Shiori” but closer to stuff like the previous song mentioned and “Koko ni Ita Koto”.  Not bad, but nothing to write home about either.



I’m a little surprised they released a single so shortly after they heavy album but Gingham Check is interesting.  The leading song is probably the worst of the single because it sounds a bit lazy and compared to all the B-sides…VERY BLAND, call it the current “Chance no Junban”.  The send-off song for Acchan, Yume no Kawa turned out nice and one of the more pleasant ballads I’ve heard this year while the other ballad, Ano Hi no Fuurin was OK…but damn…SO MANY GIRLS.  The other B-sides though were all winners in my book…they’re all dance tracks and they all came out better than I hoped…Single overall was actually a lot better than “Manatsu no sounds good!” but the A-side is a failure though >.>


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