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YUKI – Watashi no Negaigoto September 5, 2012

Filed under: YUKI — solarblade @ 4:50 am

Track Listing

  1. Watashi no Negaigoto
  2. Watashi no Negaigoto -Serph remix-
  3. Watashi no Negaigoto -tofubeats remix-

1. Watashi no Negaigoto

Oh so the single comes with one song huh?  Watashi no Negaigoto kind of follows up from her last single in arrangement and sound but I’m OK with this because YUKI does sound nice in the song.  It’s kind of laidback though so it doesn’t reakky strike me as memorable but this is a nice tune,

2. Watashi no Negaigoto -Serph remix-

The first remix gives the leading track more of a playful sound with clapping and some cute xylophone parts.  I like that it takes much more of a lighter route and all but it feels rather too empty for me.  Maybe it’ll grow on me but this is kind of missing things that made the original good.

3. Watashi no Negaigoto -tofubeats remix-

Damn, I’m seeing tofubeats everywhere it seems!  This remix is a little strange even for tofubeats because it’s less electro than I initially thought it would be and it sounds there’s some weird things like synth horns and some clicking of the mouth and all these collided together and it felt MESSY.



As the final single before YUKI releases her album, “BETWEEN THE TEN”, I think Watashi no Negaigoto is kind of a weak single preceding said album.  The original isn’t very exciting and it kind of sounds too familiar to past singles she’s done but it’s not terrible.  The remixes though weren’t great and didn’t make the song come off any better.  I just hope the album will make up for the meh singles she’s had.


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