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FLOW – Brave Blue September 6, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Brave Blue
  2. Kyuujitsu
  3. DAYS -Nakakou REMIX- (CD only)
  4. DAYS (Anime Edition only)
  5. Realize (Anime Edition only)
  6. Brave Blue -TV size-
  7. Brave Blue -Instrumental-

1. Brave Blue

I kind of surprised with FLOW with this song because Brave Blue isn’t hard or focused on their rockin’ side this time around.  It kind of taken up solace in its anime feel which includes synths and strings but the bad is still present.  KOHSHI and KEIGO sound great in their parts and makes the tune sound a lot broader than normal which is great.  Definitely a good tune from the band!

2. Kyuujitsu

To me, Kyuujitsu DEFINITELY reminds me of “GO!!!” with it’s anime sound mixed with their rock sound which really does scare the crap out of me because they’re so similar to one another.  The song is energetic and very playful for the band.  I liked how it turned out and made for a great B-side!

3. DAYS -Nakakou REMIX-

On two of three versions of the single, we end up getting a DAYS remix (which makes sense because DAYS was tied in the same series).  The remix is pretty freaky to listen to because it’s all electronic and just filled with synths and the vocals under filters.  It’s a unique remix and I thought it came out quite nicely!


Though I’m a little surprised that on the Anime edition of the single, instead of the remix, we get the original DAYS instead.  As it is one of the band’s well-known songs, it was a nice incentive to add DAYS because of its popularity.  It’s one of their better songs I’ve heard from them and while it doesn’t seem to have power like their bigger hits, it’s a really good anime track from them!

5. Realize

Not surprising to see Realize because it was used in the Eureka Seven series as well and it’s from their sophomore album, “Golden Coast”, Realize kind of has more power and energy than “DAYS” and it kind of has a stronger sound than the other tracks on the single.  Not bad of a song!



FLOW I guess wanted to have a good celebration of the Eureka Seven series by releasing Brave Blue which is overall one of their strongest singles since I’ve started reviewing them.  Brave Blue does have a unique sound to it unlike DAYS and Realize so that made it stand out in a great way.  Kyuujitsu was pretty good too even if it’s a “GO!!!” clone.  The remix of DAYS actually turned out better than I thought and one of their better remixes of late.  DAYS and Realize were nice inclusions on the anime disk and brought out the songs that won fans over ^_^…Overall a nice single!


One Response to “FLOW – Brave Blue”

  1. bladeblur Says:

    It’s amazing how FLOW keep improving with their anime singles. I’d say it’s probably their best anime song since Sign.

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