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KARA – KARA Collection September 6, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Wanna Do
  2. Lost (feat. Jinwoon from 2AM)
  3. Secret Love
  4. Hakachuumu
  5. Guilty
  6. GO GO Summer! 2012
  7. Wanna Do (Instrumental)
  8. Lost (Instrumental)
  9. Secret Love (Instrumental)
  10. Hakachuumu (Instrumental)
  11. Guilty (Instrumental)
  12. GO GO Summer! 2012 (Instrumental)

1. Wanna Do

Well, if you hadn’t guessed, the mini-album is essentially a solo mini with 5 of the 6 songs being split to the 5 members.  Jiyoung gets first dibs with Wanna Do and I kind of like the strings/e. guitar mix which is something KARA hasn’t really done.  I like the relaxed nature of the song and she does a give a nice performance overall.

2. Lost (feat. Jinwoon of 2AM)

Nicole’s song comes next and she’s the only one of the 5 solos to have a featured artist.  Lost  is styled as an R&B track with a lot of synths and strings which is a total 180 from “Wanna Do”.  I have to say Nicole’s vocals sound a lot more at home and natural which isn’t a surprise because KARA has done these.  Not a bad song here and Jinwoon didn’t do a bad job being the secondary voice.

3. Secret Love

Adding a little more oomph to the style, Hara’s solo, Secret Love, is probably my favorite of the solo tracks because this is energetic and has a lot of interesting things going on.  While I don’t think Hara has the strongest voice of the group, she has good style and it fits this song.  OH YEAH!

4. Hakachuumu

Gyuri’s solo kind of sounded like it was going to be different and it was!  It has this kind of has this waltz-y style going and it’s probably the classiest track since it sounds so precise in its execution.  However, I am kind of depressed that all of the songs had strings in them…could we cut back on it?  Also it feels a tad long and a bit too dramatic for me.

5. Guilty

Seungyeon gets the depressing song with Guilty but it’s not bad because I kind of like the edgy areas of the song.  I really am fond of her voice so this song suited her a LOT.  I also think it’s the best song of the mini-album because it has a strong rock influence and her vocie just soars in this song.  At least it’s not as dramatic as “Hakachuumu” was to be honest. 

6. GO GO Summer! 2012

The final song is the only all-member song on the mini-album and sadly is merely just a new version of the group’s 4th A-side.  I love GO GO Summer! and it was perfect the way it was.  Now with this here, the new 2012 version kind of sucks in a lot of ways.  I mean it is more electro which is no surprise but they added strings (a major ugh) and the beats and new synth melodies kind of overwhelm the vocals which were hard to hear in the verses.  I don’t like this new one AT ALL.



I’m kind of surprised the their label decided to not kick them out but keep them going longer ^_^.  KARA Collection though might be their worst release yet though.  I mean the idea of all five girls getting solos will help on differentiating the voices of the five but the songs they were given aren’t a good example of KARA’s sound.  That being said, I loved all the songs except Gyuri’s solo which is a bit too long and boring for me.  Seungyeon’s solo though was badass and it just made me want more rock influences to KARA’s music oddly enough.  The new GO GO Summer! should be avoided though…it ruined the song entirely IMHO.  I guess this did turn out well and like “PANDORA” they’re experiementing which is nice…but I kind of wanted club bangers >.>


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