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Dream5 – READY GO!!/Wake Me Up! September 7, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. READY GO!!
  2. Wake Me Up!
  3. Fushigi na Gensou no Uta
  4. READY GO!! <Original Karaoke>
  5. Wake Me Up! <Original Karaoke>
  6. Fushigi na Gensou no Uta <Original Karaoke>


It seems like the group is trying to be a little more danceable and it shows because READY GO!! gives me this feeling as if Dream5 is trying to be AAA mini.  I kind of think this is their best A-side since starting this era up which is pretty good for them.  There’s clearly a lead girl over the other members but I’m OK with this for now.  Not a bad track and the leader gal sounds good ^_^.

2. Wake Me Up!

As the other A-side, Wake Me Up! actually follows alongside “READY GO!!” but also has a bit more edge written in it through the guitar lines.  Still, I get some AAA vibes out of the song but I kind of like this song more than the previous track since it has a louder impact and group sounds really good!  Though Akira still sounds so girly XD….I really couldn’t tell his voice anywhere in the tune. 

3. Fushigi na Gensou no Uta

As the lone B-side, Fushigi na Gensou no Uta kind of goes back to their earlier days with a genki arrangement.  Funny that as catchy as it is, I was paying more attention to the fact that there was some rapping involved by one of the girls and possibly Akira here.  Actually I think all the members get a solo rap section which is cool, but the chorus is cheesy XD.  Not bad, but I guess it could’ve been handled better.



Funny to say all those AAA comparisons, but I could see that happening with Dream5 after this single.  Both READY GO!! and Wake Me Up! sound like songs of theirs and this young group tackled them both pretty well and I have to say this is their best releases yet.  Fushigi na Gensou no Uta was their usual fun stuff, but with rapping from all the members.  It might surprise fans, but I think they handled that well too…good single overall!!


2 Responses to “Dream5 – READY GO!!/Wake Me Up!”

  1. kieyuku Says:

    Actually, the two main vocals are leading READY GO, not just one. And I like the musical direction they’re taking too. They definitely have the dance ability to match.

    I agree about the AAA thing, I do believe avex is building up D5 to be a successor to AAA. They have both the mixed gender + main vocal & dancers format, and there’re signs that avex is trying to turn AAA fans into D5 fans as well. First, Hidaka & Shuuta appeared in one of their earlier music videos, and currently D5 is one of the opening acts for AAA’s 777 tour. Akira has also been hosting the Youtube backstage interviews on their tour legs… Maybe Avex is thinking AAA isn’t all that young anymore and is planning (way) ahead, but that’s just my theory.

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