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SCANDAL – Pin Heel Surfer September 11, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Pin Heel Surfer
  2. OSAKA
  3. Pin Heel Surfer (Instrumental)

1. Pin Heel Surfer

Well, I learned that PHS was produced by TRICERATOPS (who I’m rather unfamiliar with) but this song actually has a different feel when compared to the previous two singles.  It’s not as vibrant and loud like “Taiyou Scandalous” but this song isn’t really moving them in a strong direction.  It’s a mid-tempo track and it kind of does make them sound more idol-like but with instruments on the backburner.  Vocals are at their usual good and bad status with me but I really think HARUNA is getting stronger…but those high notes kind of kill her in this song IMO.  I don’t know, SCANDAL kind of just dropped the ball on this one.


LOL, they have a song called “TOKYO” and now they have this one!  I’m not sure if TRICERATOPS had a hand in this, but this feels a little more like a new sound for them when I hear synths and TOMOMI taking lead (well I hear her the most).  I like the heavier hook, but this song is lacking in speed and it comes off as a bit redundant in areas. 



Closing their 4th era, I have to say that Pin Heel Surfer might be the weakest out of the 3 (“HARUKAZE” and “Taiyou Scandalous”).  I just couldn’t get into either of the songs on here.  Pin Heel Surfer feels like it could be much louder and less sappy and it really didn’t feel like they were into it (cept HARUNA).  OSAKA just needed more speed, but we got left with an awkward song…I don’t know, I hope “Queens are trumps ~Kirifuda wa Queen~ has strong ass songs at this point.


One Response to “SCANDAL – Pin Heel Surfer”

  1. icarus Says:

    The songs don’t leave much impression but the PHS PV is worth a look. It seems like Haruna and Tomomi enjoyed this one since they originally wanted to be dancers.

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