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U-KISS – One of You September 14, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. One of You
  2. Kiss Me Forever -Issho Japanese ver.-
  3. Forbidden Love -Live ver.- 1st JAPAN LIVE TOUR 2012 3.25@Zepp Tokyo (CD only First Press)
  4. One of You (Instrumental)
  5. Kiss Me Goodbye -Issho Japanese ver.- (Instrumental)

1. One of You

After “Dear My Friend”, I was wondering where the group was really going because they went all sorts of sappy with that song.  One of You is kind of a step back forward with an upbeat and easily accessible track.  It’s still not as heavy as their first two singles but this is kind of in the middle.  The only thing I would say that detracts from the song is the damn dubstep breakdowns in the verses (yes…in the verses).  I kind of like this song and everyone shows there colors equally ^^ 

2. Kiss Me Forever -Issho Japanese ver.-

The B-sides of the single is a song that already had existed for the group.  It was originally a Korean digital single, Pyeongsaeng (For KISS Me) and it was released during the holidays so no wonder why this song might come off as a jolly upbeat track.  It reminds me a bit too much of “Dear My Friend” to really make a good impression on me, but it’s a song that warrants a listen to. 

3. Forbidden Love -Live ver.- 1st JAPAN LIVE TOUR 2012 3.25@Zepp Tokyo

Like their last single, we get another song that was sung live at Zepp Tokyo and luckily this is an A-side!  Now without the visuals to help the song really makes you focus on the guys and I’m surprised they sound strong live here!  Plus I’m also imagining that they are also dancing simultaneously as well.  This is pretty good and I’m loving the guys’ performance.



As this is AJ’s final Japanese single before his hiatus, One of You isn’t such a bad single and kind of sits on par with their last single but switched around.  One of You is catchy and it has the right U-KISS stuff going on (minus the dubstep intrusions) but this was good.  Kiss Me Forever is also nice to listen to but whenever I hear it, I think of “Dear My Friend”.  The live version of Forbidden Love was pretty strong and shows off that the guys can sing and pull off an amazing vocal performance at the same time ^_^


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