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Morning Musume, teh members!: Generation 10 & 11, Now the double digits generations! September 16, 2012

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Not even a month goes by and the auditions for the 10th Generation was announced (along with Takitty announcing her graduation as well.  After whittling it down to 10 finalists, we finally got the winners the day before Ai’s graduation and oddly enough they kind of mirrored the 9th Gen girls a LOT.  Ayumi Ishida (who was in Dorothy Little Happy) and is considered the high dancer of the four.  Haruna Iikubo was the model, Haruka Kudo is the former Egg and Masaki Sato was the project girl with no prior experience in any of the three.  After an album getting to know these new girls another audition was going on and led to 6 finalists but not a day later it was announced that Sakura Oda (another former Kenshuusei) had won and became the lone winner of the 11th Generation.

Ayumi Ishida

  • Tenure: Pyocopyoco Ultra ———> ???
  • Signature Song in Momusu: None yet
  • Solo Career?: Nope
  • Sub-Groups: Harvest, HI-FIN, and was involved in promoting Mobekimasu
  • Overall Opinion?: AMAZING dancer, could have better vocals, but in due time.

Ayumi was a pretty interesting choice since she mirrors Riho so much.  She’s a very powerful dancer and probably one of the best that Morning Musume has ever had which is saying something about someone that just joined a year ago.  Her vocals on the other hand are a bit shouty (like Riho) which is strange but she can sing well.  She hasn’t had much to shine because this is coming only after 3 singles and an album.  Her biggest role yet was in both Kanashiki Koi no Melody and Seishun Domannaka so that would be the place to hear them (and it goes the same for the other three members of the 10th…so I’m definitely keeping watch plus we learned that she can do raps (replacing the loss of Gaki and Aika).

Haruna Iikubo

  • Tenure: Pyocopyoco Ultra ———-> ???
  • Signature Song in Momusu: None yet
  • Solo Career?: Nope
  • Sub-Groups: DIY♡ & Promotion for Mobekimasu
  • Overall Opinion?: She might be one of the biggest project girls Tsunku had to deal with lol.

Harunan was surprising at the auditions because I liked her a lot and she definitely is a pretty girl.  Once she was added it seem like things really started to come out.  Of the 4, she kind of lacks a lot polish in both vocals and dancing but she kind of is the talker of the group which is good for some representing (alongside Kuduu of course).  For what we’ve heard of her so far, Haruna is probably one of the group’s weakest singers as she kind of doesn’t sing very strong and she’s out of tune a lot.  In time I guess she’ll grow into it like how Konkon and Koharu did, but it’ll be a while as she’s the older than the girls of both the 9th and 10th and 11th Gen.

Haruka Kudo

  • Tenure: Pyocopyoco Ultra ———–> ???
  • Signature Song in Momusu: None yet
  • Solo Career?: Nope
  • Sub-Groups: Reborn Eleven, Triplet and promotional work for Mobekimasu
  • Overall Opinion?: Kuduu for being as young as she is, is really starting to bring it in the group!

Starting as an H!P Egg, I would’ve never expected her to have joined Momusu as young as she did.  The thing that she and Tsunku keep mentioning is that she has a husky voice and it’s really apparant because I can hear the grit in her voice and I love it.  It’s something you don’t hear everyday with 12 year olds and I think she will be a lead vocal someday.  As of now, she’s still fine-tuning her voice and the songs that you can hear her in, she’s one of the stronger vocals out of the four.  Hope to see her being pushed soon! ^_^

Masaki Sato

  • Tenure: Pyocopyoco Ultra ——-> ???
  • Signature Song in Momosu: None yet
  • Solo Career?: None
  • Sub-Groups: Harvest, Jurin, Sato no Akari, and helping promoting Mobekimasu
  • Overall Opinion?: Girl has secrets, what other talents does she have?!?

Masaki is really interesting.  At first glance no one really knew why Tsunku chose her because she wasn’t a total fan favorite of the auditions.  HOWEVER, once she joined everything was flipped.  Her voice is quite varied though we haven’t heard her deep voice in a studio recording, when she sings with it live, it’s soooo good.  Most of the time she’s singing in a sweetly high pitch but she has the perfect which makes her stand out amongst the four.  Plus, she’s extra adorable lol!

Sakura Oda


  • Tenure: Help me!! ——–> ???
  • Signature Song in Momusu: None yet
  • Solo Career?: Nope
  • Sub-Groups: ODATOMO
  • Overall Opinion?: She’s definitely what I think Tsunku was looking for during the audition

As we know Sakura Oda originally auditioned to be in S/mileage’s 2nd Generation and she didn’t pass and luckily she got picked up and joined the Kenshuusei for a little while before doing the 11th Generation auditions.  From what I’ve heard from her, she’s a bit like Masaki vocally as she can sing high and low which gibes her variety and her dancing looks good for the amount of training she’s been in.  Can’t wait to see what she’ll be like in Momusu once she begins! Her first single, Help me!! really did well to show off Odasaku’s voice perfectly and since then she’s gotten a lot of prominence in the group’s songs for sure ^^