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Plastic Tree – Shion September 17, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Shion
  2. Mahiru no Tsuki (Rebuild) (Regular A only)
  3. Ether Note (Rebuild) (Regular B only)
  4. Shion (2012nen 7tsuki 8nichi Rokuon. Hikigatari Ban)
  5. Shion (Instrumental)

1. Shion

I was kind of surprised with the band’s third A-side of the era, Shion.  Unlike the previous two singles, this one actually is pretty light and features a lot of acoustic guitar.  Sadly, Ryotarou’s vocals in this song is kind of all over the place and really messes up during the chorus.  The verses are nice, but the chorus is just a bit too much.

4. Shion (2012nen 7tsuki 8nichi Rokuon. Hikigatari Ban

Like the previous versions, there’s the rebuild tracks which are essentially self-covers and there’s an extra version of the A-side.  Shion sounds really low quality, but only features Ryotarou and an acoustic guitar.  Unfortunately his voice in the chorus is even WORSE than in the studio version.  Oh well…



I wonder if an album is next since this is their 3rd single and all.  Shion is probably my least favorite single of the era.  Ryotarou just kind of fails in Shion’s chorus mostly which is the song’s biggest fault.  The other version of Shion is putting salt on the already existing wound, being all ew and LQ.  I don’t know how the rebuilds sound (then again I haven’t heard any of the 6 songs that were redone to begin with.  Meeeeeh


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