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girl next door – all my life September 18, 2012

Filed under: GIRL NEXT DOOR — solarblade @ 11:49 pm

Track Listing

  1. all my life
  2. so pleasure
  3. signal (From Live Tour 2012 ~Best Collection~)
  4. all my life (Instrumental)
  5. so pleasure (Instrumental)

1. all my life

So it seems like gnd has got Igurashi again for this A-side and unfortunately, I don’t really remember a thing about this song.  I mean it’s not as vast as “Orion” was and a lot more blander than “Silent Scream” that’s for sure.  I guess it’ slightly dramatic in execution, but I still don’t feel anything for the song.

2. so pleasure

At least the B-side is a little more exciting and upbeat, but it sounds like Igurashi mixed with Daisuki and we ended up with this kind of nostalgic tune (with an Engrish name).  I find it somewhat catchy, but it feels extremely dated (but is that really something new considering gnd’s track record?).

3. signal (From Live Tour 2012 ~Best Collection~)

Nice to know that signal gets a live version since it seems CHISA sounds a lot better live than in the studio.  Her performance on signal is pretty good and the song has slowly attatched itself on me.  It’s not really their best live, but this is still pretty strong.



I wonder if this era is going to be all produced by Igurashi because if it is, then I’m not looking forward to it.  all my life is too simple and just bland to listen to.  so pleasure does things a little better but is still dated as hell and the live version of signal was OK but not their best.  I hate to say it, but I miss Daisuke LOL


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